Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Key Prophetic Words and Strategies Over - Israel, Cuba, China, America and More!" Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX

Dear Watchmen:
Ferguson, Missouri has been in the news since the Lord sent us there on June 18, and said that this area would become the dividing line of the nation. We have stayed focused on the borders and all the issues of immigration and drug cartel wars.
I believe nearly all of us have seen the reports coming from Jerusalem with a new wave of violence. Cars have been used as weapons to drive into innocent bystanders, and most recently, men armed with butcher knives and guns attacked a synagogue.
The Lurking Dragon!
When we were flying into Tel Aviv earlier this month, I saw an unusual sunset. The sun, though setting, looked like it was rising from the ground. Above the glory realm hovering on the ground was sky. In the sky was a perfectly formed black dragon! The message the Lord had me to deliver in Jerusalem was:
"The dragon is hovering over Israel. There is a birth that is near and the enemy wants to stop what God is birthing. There will be much conflict in the next several months but you can stop the dragon from having his way." (Photo of Chuck Pierce in Israel via Glory of Zion Ministries)
I went on to speak from Revelation 12. I called Rick Ridings, the leader of the 24 Hour House of Prayer in Jerusalem. Rick had already planned to share an earlier vision of a great fire-breathing dragon circling the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He shared that when flames came from its mouth, violence was released onto the Mount (which has been the scene of increasing turmoil over the past several months). Amazing!
We must stand and turn the enemy from Israel. In the vision, Rick was made to be aware that the dragon's real intentions were to ignite a much larger and more far-reaching conflagration of violence. Suddenly, he saw two words in the heavens, "NOT NOW." His message was: "I saw a dragon on the Temple Mount, but God said, 'NOT NOW!'"
A great foot descended from Heaven, pinning the dragon to the ground. Then the Lord reached down, placed shackles on the dragon's feet, and imprisoned it in the underground mosque at the southeast corner of the Temple Mount. As this was happening, in the worship room where Rick was having the vision (which has a view of the Mount), the leader was singing from Psalm 149 about the high praise of God's people "putting kings in chains and nobles in shackles." (Photo of Chuck Pierce in Israel via Glory of Zion Ministries)
In the days following this, conflict continued and many in the media were predicting an impending huge eruption of violence and the start of a new intifada ("uprising").
In a second vision on November 4, Rick had a vision of the imprisoned dragon shrieking and attempting to break out of its dungeon in which it was imprisoned - demon spirits were going forth from its mouth out of the confines of the prison to incite terror. Rick felt the Lord say we were to ask Him, as the Judge of the Universe, to give a "gag and restraining order" to silence the dragon for this time period.
Watch Cuba!
I gave this prophecy about Cuba and New Orleans on September 21, 2010 during a staff meeting. The Lord showed me Cuba becoming a nation that we would begin to see differently. Then in 2011, Cuba (and Castro) would be favored.
Venezuela would go through a government shift! Then they will align with Iran and Russia over oil, and form a thick shadow of deception. This shadow of deception will attempt to overshadow Cuba. The shadow will rest on Cuba and the leaders of Cuba will align with this confederated network. This shadow will attempt to come in through the Gulf of Mexico and enter America, to vie for its control through the port of New Orleans.
China will take a stand on behalf of America's future before America fully stands up (since China is gaining economic rule in America in the ports). New Orleans will have to establish the presence of God at its gate to withstand this, or else rioting will occur and the transfer of wealth will shift wrongly in the ports. (There have been reports for almost three years of spying subs in the Gulf.)
Key Prophecy for NOW: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion
Our service on Sunday morning was just amazing. Following our Convergencia Hispana gathering on Friday and Saturday, the sound of the nations was released during our worship and the portals of revelation of Heaven were opened. The Spirit of God began to declare as Brian Kooiman gave a tongue for interpretation.
"This is a season where you're going higher than you ever imagined. I am taking you higher and higher and higher and higher; you have only begun to glimpse where I'm taking you. Raise your sights! Raise your eyes! Look at Me! I Am taking you higher and higher.
"There are certain things you can't see where you presently are. Until you begin to become buoyant in faith with Me, you will not be able to see what I would have you see. So keep going higher, and you'll get to a place where you can breathe only by the Spirit. I Am taking My people to a place where they will require the oxygen of My Spirit to begin to move into the thoughts that I have. Vision is coming to you in a new place."
Song of Spirit:
I know you're tired, but come on higher anyway
I know the battle has been weary, but come up higher anyway
I Am giving you an aerial view
I Am giving you an aerial view
You are going to see things that you've never seen before
I am going to download strategies that you didn't have before!
(Photo of Convergencia Hispana gathering via Glory of Zion Ministries)
"Lift Your Eyes! You've looked at the roots and the trunk of the tree, but you've not seen what's in the top of the tree. I have things hidden that have been captured there that only you can begin to gather, by coming higher. This is a day that you must ask Me to bring you into a new place. Some of you will fall from this high place, but do not fear. There will still be life in you, and you will rise again."
Shatece McLeod then gave another tongue for interpretation:
"Today is the day I come with an injection of My holiness. The injection of My holiness will go into your blood veins in a new way, and it will activate the DNA inside where I have been received by you. Get ready for this injection, because all that receive this infusion will receive an open Heaven.
"You will receive the authority to deal with the disturbance in the second airways. So get ready, get ready, get ready because when I, I Am, when I, I Am, comes upon the scene and you begin to fall upon Me and rest, you will see Me released to go before you.
"I Am raising up a standard of righteousness among you this hour. Many of you have been confused of the purpose of My grace. My grace is not here to let you wallow in your short-comings and your fear and your lack. My Grace is here to raise you up to the standard of My favor, of My excellence, of My purpose in this world. My grace is not for you to wallow in.
"Get out of your wallowing! Get out of your mud pit! Get up and stand! If you cannot stand today in this standard that I Am raising, then you come and you lay your face at My altar and you put down everything else; I will raise a new standard before you. (Photo of Convergencia Hispana gathering via Glory of Zion Ministries)
"Your shins are stuck in the mud and you've been striving to get through that hard place that you've been in. Part of that place is from your making; other parts are because the enemy has come in like a flood and muddied your path. But I am going to interject an anointing down through your feet that will cause you to now walk through that which has bogged you down. If you will change your mind from how you see My grace, then My grace will interject and fill you, energize and move you forward."
May each of you be thankful for all that He is doing in your life!
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Terry Bennett Ministries - A report from the Prayer Front

In light of all that has been happening in Ferguson we wanted to share this email that we received. Even in the midst of darkness the Lord is still moving through His people who are willing to stand and to intercede.

What's Really Happening in Ferguson, Missouri? by Kingsley Walker, MO State Prayer General

 Current Situation The City of St. Louis and the nation await the release of the judgment of the Grand Jury regarding Officer Darren Wilson and the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9. There is much speculation and opinion as to when the verdict will be announced, but that information is well guarded, available only on a need-to-know basis. With promises of violent behavior, burning cities, and death threats, all branches of law enforcement have gone to 12-hour shifts, schools have stockpiled supplies and food, and people are being told to stay inside and prepare as if a large winter storm were coming.

On Monday, November 17, Governor Jay Nixon, signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard. He has stated that violence and destruction will not be tolerated. With only a few official agencies having specific and accurate information, the media machine makes “news” out of nothing, broadcasting opinion and printing speculation not based on truth. In this environment, fear and intimidation thrive, which drives citizens to believe they must protect themselves and their property from what may be coming. In the last month, gun sales in nearby communities have increased 300%. Positive Reports Even as aspects of the situation have remained volatile and unstable, intercession and worship have increased throughout the city.

A prayer meeting at a local church at one of the entrances to the city of Ferguson has been going non-stop for the last 10 years, gaining momentum since August. Churches are praying and have come together both inter-racially and interdenominationally to donate food, water, and more than 3,000 backpacks loaded with school supplies for children in Ferguson.

In September alone, law enforcement received so many donations that they had no more room to store the blessings. Throughout the month of October, a tent was erected in the middle of Ferguson where worship and prayer was released for 12 hours every day. In conjunction with the tent, evangelistic teams went into the streets and neighborhoods, a prayer room was established, and worship leaders and teams from throughout the city came to shift the atmosphere of the city with pure worship. Over 21 days, 50 people made commitments to follow Christ, including a warlock and others that came to protest, but left praising because they found Jesus.

Several potentially dangerous gatherings have broken up and dissipated as worship was released among the unruly participants. Coming in a spirit of intercession, worshippers began to sing and position themselves between the protesting crowd and the Highway Patrol forming a protective line. Within minutes, the riotous crowd deflated and dispersed as “this isn’t fun anymore” and “I’m going home” were heard. Others in the crowd joined the worship, with several coming to Christ.

The City of Ferguson has commended the “Jesus People” for their efforts and said, “We don’t know what you’re doing, but when you do it the atmosphere changes…thank you!” The Missouri Highway Patrol offered their thanks as well, saying “Many of our officers were singing with you as you moved between them and the protesters.” Prayer changes things. Let us continue to intercede on behalf of the people in Ferguson and the rest of the cities in this nation. Let us pray that the Lord would create an opening to move upon hearts and that His ways and His will would be established in this nation.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Vision of Days to Come

I have shared this with a few people privately. It's now time to go public with a vision of the days to come. I see what will (or might) happen as Radical Islam expands in the USA. What we saw in Israel in the Synagogue will happen here.

No one in government seems to realize that Radical Islam in the USA is a clear and present danger that must be dealt with at once. They are out to cause fear and havoc. They want to divide the USA into groups.. that process is already underway. The racial divide is deepened because of Islamic influence. The right to HATE the OTHER has become normative. Ferguson is adding to this divide. I see Islam as part of this division.

There must be an aggressive answer to Islam on our shores. I know many see these people as a mission field and Jesus is reaching many, but this demon released in November 2012 is manifesting more aggressively than anyone thought they could. We cannot let them victimize this nation without an answer. God will not sanction a weak response.

I am praying against an attack being planned right now. I have heard their strategy in a vision (a dream). It will happen at a shopping mall on the east coast.. Maryland or DC. They will grab some shoppers at random around Christmas time and behead them publicly in a parking lot. Yes the attackers will be killed (72 virgins await) but the deed will be done. This is designed to create fear and anger. This will work for a while, but until we face the reality of the internal threat to our nation, we cannot deal with it. Islam is a demon that has invaded this country and will not rest till it brings the nation to it's knees. Our leadership has no answers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leaving it ALL behind to Follow Him

Some people think, and publicly advocate, that our culture, our racial, ethnic and economic identity should be retained for its cultural aspects even if the mythology surrounding it is recognized for what it is as a big fat fraud.

Is this a good thing?

I’m not so sure.


Hobbits have bare feet.
I was born with bare feet.
I am a Hobbit.

Our identity is interesting….
Human brains are not fully developed at birth and take years to fully develop.

Culture forms a large part of human development.

Humans are born expecting culture. We have evolved with brains which have the capacity to learn vast amounts of information, more so than any other living species. We are born with brains which need culture to fully develop. It’s our childhood culture which enables our brains to develop fully.
Since a large part of who we are is formed during our early development, it seems natural that many people born will retain that culture as part of their identity.

It is tragic for a child born into a twisted and contorted worldview to have to retain their allegiance to it after discovering the fraud. Much like I think it would be tragic for a child born into the Mafia, Scientology or some weird UFO cult to continue to feel they are defined by their birth culture.

So it is with the cultures we carry on our back.  We see them as who we are.  They conflict with the reality of who we become as a new creation.

I am hearing Jesus say, "Come follow me".  He said it to the fishermen, to the tax collector.  They set aside their culture and became a new man.

Today we have people who cling to cultural norms that are in opposition to who they profess to be in Christ.  Germans (my culture) did during the Nazi days.  Rwandans did during those days (they professed to be Christian).

There are a lot of functions of today's popular cultures that are in opposition to the truth of Jesus.
  • Hip Hop/Rap/Acid Rock
  • Redneck
  • Wall Street
  • Government and Politics Culture (MSNBC and FOX)
  • Big Business
  • Gangsterism
  • The Hispanic Culture
  • The Asian Culture
  • The White Culture
  • The Black Culture
  • Sports Culture (look at how pervasive it has become)
  • Music Culture (People who live with a set of earphones on 24/7 having their brains reprogrammed.

The list could go on.. not to say there aren't Bible Believing Christians in some of those cultures.  There are. I have met them.  What is true however is this, Jesus is going to at some point call you to leave behind the culture that has become an obstacle and an idol to you.

It's a constant battle.  Satan will use your cultural bias to hide the true calling of God on your life.

Jesus is still saying, lay down your cultural nets and follow me.. now the question is, can we?

A really good word

I am reading through 484 comments made in response to an earlier post about how I can help you. This post is a tad longer for a reason.
“Take heed WHAT ye hear.” (Mk 4:24)
AND... “Take heed HOW ye hear.”( Lk 8:18)
Jesus warned us to do both - "what" and "how."
These are days when information bombards our senses from a multitude of excited sources. Anger and fear, agitation and division surround us. Good people are stumbling, marriages and ministries shaking. It is hard enough to sort out truth from error on our own, it is even harder when others all around us are conveying their opinion based on how they hear.
Your secret weapon is not information. The world has that. Your secret is REVELATION from the Word God is speaking TO YOU. The circumstances of Jesus teaching this "take heed" idea are important. He did so while explaining the parable of the sower and said…
"But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard THE WORD in an honest and GOOD HEART, and HOLD IT FAST, and bear fruit with PERSEVERANCE.” – A “good heart” is a rare heart. It is a heart that truly desires to "hold fast" to the revelation knowledge God gives in the seed form of His Word.
Those with a "good heart" have ANGELS assigned to GUARD them and ADVANCE them. This company is the core of the NEXT MOVE OF GOD!
What separates you from everyone else is FAITH. Your FAITH is YOUR PASSPORT through this hour of history. Faith is the currency that makes material SUBSTANCE out of the things we hope for. The Word of God heeded will cultivate, curate, develop the force of FAITH! Keep your heart free from the deteriorating and corrosive voices of unbelief coming from others who are not cultivating their capacity to nurture the “seed” of Gods Word into the “fruit” of a supernatural harvest.
This is the call to PERSEVERE in the face of conflicting evidence and voices. The call to a deep inward walk and talk with the Holy Spirit.
CAUTION -- BEWARE the tendency of many to back up from the front lines of battle into a kind of monastic spirituality that disengages from the warfare in culture. Half the problems of our society is due to the lack of courage and candor that comes from those who have genuine light and revelation of Gods ways for family, marriage, economic dignity, independence from others – including dependence on government. We need engaged believers not spiritual hermits who back up from the darkness.
After the parable of the sower Jesus said: “Now no one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Spiritual soaking must be followed by circumstances squeezing the virtue out of us and into the gladiators arena of faith.
IN YOUR SPHERE of influence YOU are the light of the world. Be winsome, informed, empathic and daring. Be a voice, an ORACLE for the kingdom- not an echo of despair.
AFTER the parable of the sower and the “good and honest heart,” AFTER challenging followers to NOT HIDE their light Jesus warned…
"So take care HOW you listen; for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him." Listen to the voice of faith. Let your ideas be articulated. Do what the Father shows you to do, even if it rubs against the grain. The muscle you build be disciplining your FOCUS to filter WHAT you are exposed to, combined with the sharpening of your thinking to get to the ROOT of the issues will result in you being a LIGHT in your contest with darkness.
Your “perseverance” will build character and a foundation for greater revelation and larger spheres of influence.
This is the path of the 7m Warrior - the front lines of a new apostolic missionary movement in journalism, film, politics, college campuses and business. You are a new model of purity and power in marriage, singleness, family and community. You are the innovators of solutions to problems, the dissolver of doubts, the champions of a new culture.
When THIS gospel of the kingdom is preached in every nation…when Gods wisdom is displayed openly, rejected by goat nations or embraced by sheep nations, THEN the end shall come and YOU shall enter into the reward of rulership with Christ in the kingdom of His Father.
You will be unashamed while others are embarrassed. Don't hide your light. Be BOLD and OCCUPY till He comes.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

There is no Vision when you Have Scales on your Eyes

I woke early this morning and the Lord had given me a word.  It's for someone who is seeking God for a breakthrough.  It is for me as well.  Sometimes when I get a word, I think it might be for someone else..and then discover it was for me.

Here's what I heard the Lord say:

"If you could see what I see you would never fear, never waver, never be discouraged, never be in lack, never have doubt, never be emotionally upset.  In fact, if you could see what I see you would live fearlessly in perfect Love and Harmony with all because you would see the end and the beginning as one.

There will come a day when you will have all the scales dropped from your eyes.  The day you step from time into eternity, you will no longer see thru a glass darkly.  You will see face to face and it will all make perfect sense.  I am who I am and there  is nothing else that even compares to ME.  All attempts to make me in your image diminishes my Glory.  You do this because you have scales on your eyes.  Your vision is impaired.  You capacity to see is so limited that what you think you understand is shaped by what think you see.  That is why I have told you to live by faith and not by sight.  True faith IS TRUE SIGHT.  Your vision is so limited because you consider the challenges you face as more real than I am.  You depend on human understanding, your own understanding, your own experiences, your own vision.  That vision is so profoundly limited.  It is a perishing vision.

The scales that cover your eyes are fear, anger, prejudice, bad advise, tradition, misdirection, past experiences, pride, arrogance, ambition, greed, doubt, unbelief and presumption.   They are a part of who you are, yet if you could have those scales dropped from your eyes you would see more clearly.  My desire for you is to see clearly, to not be deterred from your purpose in Me.  It's the only purpose that matters.  You already have some of the Scales stripped away... yet there are more.  Without those scales you would see the angel armies all around you. You would see ME high and lifted up without scales.  You would see ME sitting at the right hand.   You would see the stairway where angels ascend and descend.  You would see beyond your seeing... not in your flesh.  Spirit eyes are scale free eyes.  Saul lost them on a street called straight.  You can too.  You know what to do.. let the scales fall from your eyes.  Don't hang on to them.  You can see more clearly.. for that is what I created you for."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blind Leading the Blind is a Curse to THEM

Jesus saw blindness in the people of his day.  They were blind because misleaders who were equally blind were leading them into a trap.. not because they designed it, but because they couldn't see.

 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.  Matthew 15:14

We have that today.  In ministry, In media, In government, In Education, In Entertainment.  All sorts of people purporting to know "The Truth" and leading people to a ditch from which many will never emerge.

Do we ignore them.. do we tolerate them, do we argue with them, do we denounce them?  Jesus said that we should ignore them.

But what of those deceived and mindlessly going to the ditch.

I have personally struggled with this.  This is what I hear the Lord saying about those so misled,

"Some  of these will emerge bruised and confused.  They will be looking for answers.  Answers I have placed in your mouth.  Do not be afraid to give them what I have shown you.  Some will reject the truth, even in their despair and defeat.  Even if you were to show them a sign from ME.. it would make no difference.  Their hearts are hard, their blindness is intentional, and they will die in their deception."

It's hard, I was deceived into thinking I could show them the truth.. but alas.. no. 

Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of your words.       Proverbs 23:9