Friday, April 24, 2015

Life is short.. eternity is NOW

We are but a vapor. Like a blade of grass.  Here today?  Then gone in our body.

Then we are in the Presence of the Lord forever.  Except it is all now.

Never changing.. Glory to Glory

There are scriptural evidences and testimonies of a some who have witnessed these things to help us grasp what happens.  We can construct what it will be like using clues with Biblical support.

The song “I can only imagine”, as wonderful as it is, comes short of the mark. We can imagine and if we can grasp the vision, fear will dissolve.

The moment that thief Jesus promised died and all people who die in Christ, the moment you die here's what happens:

There is a shock into well being.  We suddenly feel indescribable peace.  Beyond all understanding.  It's overwhelms us.  We can hardly take it in.  There is the unimaginable beauty.  It is a manifestation of the fullness of Jesus beauty. Every color comes so alive that we can taste it.  In fact we will taste colors.  Music is everywhere.  All at once.

This is eternity where everything is now.  So our experience in non linear.  It's all now.  Hard for those of us trapped in time to grasp, but to get a small glimpse of what that might be like, think back to a wonderful childhood memory.  A good one.  Think of it.  All the color, music, joy, fun, and love you felt. Now let that emotion come over you.  You see it not in linear fashion but as one good memory, all at once.  The parts you really enjoyed come back again and again.  That's a bad imitation of what eternity is like.  All at once, but able to be parceled out.

People ask what kind of music will I hear?  It will be your fullness of joy to experience... whatever fits your moment will be heard. For some hymns, for some chants, for some choruses, for some classical, for some a gospel song, or even a joyful rap.  It's your eternity and Father will speak to you in the context you understand.  You will grasp that it's all one.  Yet differentiable, yet we will not know of the differences others have.

You will have unspeakable joy.  No remembrances from earth that have contain any regret or pain... the pain you had in life will fit into your understanding and there will be no questions.  The Idea that you are going to ask questions of Jesus when you get there will be needless.  You will have full understanding of all.  You will know who you really are.  There will be no more self doubt.

How you fit into the whole while on earth will make perfect sense in a supernatural way.  That is why there is no recognized hierarchy in heaven.  One saint is as another.  Fullness and fitly joined together.

This sudden recognition of your important place in the universe will take your breath away.

Your capacity for experience will multiply a thousand times or more.  You will experience heaven as if you had 5000 senses instead of 5.  Every color, every sound, every taste, everything you hear, everything you feel, and the fragrance... it will be amazing.  You will understand what a vapid colorless place life on earth was.  You won't regret it...but wish everyone could experience what you are experience.

You will live without confusion. No questions. Your desire will be to worship.  It will all be so clear.  Bowing in worship, raising hands.  Singing.  The Sea of Glass is a desire hidden in the hearts of men. We want to be there. Whatever we do will make all the heaven. It will be automatic.  You will want to enter into who HE is so completely as to be lost in Him.  You were created for this.  The beauty of Jesus will be revealed again and again. It will be all one but eternal.  It will never be boring. Love will be overwhelming.

You will have a form.  A spirit form.  Yet you will look to others as you were remembered best.  Known as you were known. Recognized... yet it is your spirit that they see.. the rest is construct.  In fact you have only a spirit.

It's hard to explain, but you won't have arms, legs or a head as you know yourself, but to those who see you, you will look as you did to them.

I know that's hard to understand but think of a child who dies young.  Her daddy is 25 years old.  She will see him thus.  His brother who dies at 50 will remember him as about his age and his wife who follows him in death will see that man thru the eyes of love. His mother who bore him and died in childbirth will see him as a young boy.  They will all know him, but all in context and construct.  Its how people who die see grandparents and such waiting for them... as they knew them.

It will not seem an unfamiliar place to be explored.  You will already know all about it.  It will seem normal, someplace you already knew.  In a strange way, heaven was always in your heart.

You have had glimpses of it.  This is why the idea of reincarnation keeps coming up in false religions.  There is a sense of going back, so people try to explain the origin of all life (JESUS saying let there be) as a reincarnation.  It's not.  But it is a type of returning... Remember, once there, all here is now.

To grasp this scripturally, you are already seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus...yet you are here. In that way you return to heaven.

It is impossible to describe so those who have had a glimpse of Heaven are lost for words.

One thing is certain, once you have been there and come back the fear of death, even the fear of the pain of death is gone.

People don't GO to heaven.  They enter heaven.  Heaven is infinite in proximity.  Right here. Right there.  Just there.  It is easier to think of it a long long away somehow out there, but it's here. Not on earth, well kind of.  More on that in the last post.

When people die they step from the cloak of time into the uncloaking of eternity.  We are locked in a box called time and enter into an unlimited vista called NOW..  Eternity.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus OR do we have TOKES?

Back in the early days of the Civil Rights movement we had a word.  TOKEN or as it became.. Toke.

A Toke was a person of a different race included in an advertisement, a play, a movie, a presentation, anything... to show how inclusive we all are.  It was a sham.. but it made people feel better.  Yet those of us on the front lines knew better.  TOKES.

Of course when we would talk of this in private, my black friends would say to me, "At least the brother has a job, toke or not". We would laugh.. but we all believed that those days would end in our lifetime. Those were during the Halcyon years before MLK was murdered.  We were optimists. Now most of us are old.  Some of us are gone. Many of us are just watching the passing parade.  It never came to pass.

TV still has tokes, black, white and Asian.  Not often is there portrayal of how it really is.

The place where tokenism is most expressed today is in the church.  We have BLACK churches, we have WHITE churches. We have Hispanic churches.  We have Korean churches.  If there is a language problem, I get that.  I wouldn't preach well in a Spanish or Korean church.

Yet, I not the multitude of conferences, special services, special events put on by various organizations.   They are either mostly all white, or all black.  Last I looked we pretty much spoke the same language.  Why is that?  Why are there no BLACK preachers in White Churches.  Why are there no White preachers in Black Churches.  OH sure, I can point to a few of each.. but it's few and far between.  We are self segregating worse than ever.

It's not that we aren't welcome in each other's venue.. we just don't.  Crusaders where I frequent, is still 95% black.  Very seldom does a white man grace the platform.

Lord of Life where I attend many Sundays is 99% white and if we have a Black speaker he is a nice man who hasn't been inside a black congregation for 30 years. Black in skin only.

IF we are ever going to bridge the cultural divide we need to run towards the division that keeps us from fulfilling what Paul talked about. We might not be Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female, But even if we are one in Christ Jesus we are divided clearly along color lines.  The most segregated you can imagine.

Every black pastor I know would love to invite more white people to be part of the celebration. Every white pastor I know would love to have more black people to come in.  But we don't.  And because we self segregate we don't.

It's NOT completely cultural. Some black pastors yell and talk so fast so that most white people have no idea what is being said, and white people drone on and on so that for many the main benefit of the sermon is a nap.

Then there's the music.  Black congregations are enthusiastic, participate, sing out, pray.. (frankly I love this a lot).  White congregations give their music leader about 13 minutes to bring down the anointing or you're fired.  

Sure there are exemptions.  I know many.. but we MUST bridge this gap or we have to tear that Galatian passage out of our Bibles.

We must run to stop this.  Let's do so by inviting those who are different to minister. IF you point to a handful of white ministers who preach in your conferences but sound exactly like most black ministers, that's token, fake diversity.  When the Tokes in the old days showed up as Black in a white surrounding, they acted fully white. Exactly like happens in the church (one way or the other).

IF a white congregation brings in a black minister to speak who sounds like any white boy.. we don't have diversity we have a TOKEN.

I don't know if this is prophetic or not, but it was on my heart since early this morning.. and I offer it to you.

So who will run to the battle?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Proving Prayer Works.. can we?

I was thinking about and distressed by the advance of evil in Isis and the executions of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  There are too many videos already. 

I was feeling helpless.  Sure I can pray.. but I'm one man, one praying man, but I'm just me.  I know there are others.  I understand.  But then I think of episodes in the Book of Acts where people prayed in agreement and things happened.

  • Doorposts were shaken by corporate prayer
  • Peter's miraculous release from Jail by an Angel of the Lord
  • Paul and Silas in Prison and the doors fly open

There were other episodes but those three stand out.

What if we were to all at one time cry out in unison in corporate prayer for God to bring justice to those about to be martyred?  I'm not talking about calling down fire.  I'm talking about somehow joining in agreement touching this situation.

I'm not calling a meeting.  I'm not trying to start something.  I'm just wondering, do we still believe prayer works, that it moves the hand of God, that God can and will do something in the innocents behalf if we stand in the gap for them.

Nothing prophetic about this..... but I wonder.   Can we prove prayer works?  I think so.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Prophet Judges other Ascension Gifts

I know this is controversial, so I'm going to wade right in.

Prophets should be in the business of the identification of giftings.  They are uniquely equipped to say to this one, you are the man, and to another, "have you no more sons?"  They should be ready to identify and pour the oil of anointing on the ones called of God, and to withhold (without offense) those not called.  It is for this reason that the idea of Apostles ordaining Apostles is out of order. That's another issue. 

Many people I know hold themselves out as Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers and Pastors.  Many of them are not legitimate. They are pretenders. They are found out soon enough. I don't call them out.. their gift either makes a way for them, or they don't have a gift.

I won't relate the incidences to you, but more than once I have had to set a so called apostle down.  I can think of 5 times in the last few years where I went to one who carried the moniker and said, "God didn't call you to this, it is better if you fill the office he DID call you to".  And they stepped down.  They knew what I said was true. A few are still friends of mine, some are even on FB.  Most of the time they were called to be a Pastor, or Teacher and in one case an evangelist. It was a gift to be rightly placed.

On the other hand, I know a handful of Prophets (they know who they are) who I have told off camera that God indeed called them into this, that they are the real deal and they have a critical role to play.

Most of the time I will acknowledge a so called apostle without saying anything unless they are about to become dangerous to the Body of Christ.  Then I must do what a prophet does.

I am not superior, nor was Samuel, just called to identify or uproot.

I know some real apostles, they are extraordinary and I am glad to know them. The others I won't interfere until it becomes an issue and God calls me to set them down. Not a role I desire or want, but it is critical in this day and age of rampant deception.

So, how do I know in the Spirit who is or is not called?  It's not that hard:
  • Have they had a supernatural encounter with God they can relate to me?
  • Do they have supernatural evidence of the office they claim to hold that backs them up?
  • Is there fruit of building GOD's Kingdom (not their own) in their ministry?
  • How important is their title (it's inversely important for the called)?
  • When was the last time they had a Jesus encounter.? He's not that hard to see
  • If I were to be in their service, what role does MONEY play in their service?
  • How much do the truly love those entrusted to them and how do they show it?

There are more, but after a while it become easy to spot the pretenders from the real thing. I am not sorry for the interventions I have been involved in. I won't violate the mandate from the King.  Yet.. I respect those who are trying.. but if you get out of line, expect the troubler of Israel to show up and it might not me be. There are other prophets out on the front lines.... and if they come to you and say, Apostle, we need to talk.. you had best listen.

God might be solidifying your true calling.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life on Earth isn't Normal

I was in pain this morning after a restless night. I'm not complaining, it's the way it is.  I asked the Lord what was up with that.  He reminded me that life on earth isn't the normative for eternity. 

Most things we struggle with here are not there.  When we as the Lord to touch our existence "on earth as it is in heaven",  we are doing something supernatural.  We are asking him to change circumstances that are acceptable here on earth.

Here are some things we accept here:

  • Pain
  • Sickness
  • Disappointment
  • Struggle
  • Persecution
  • Discrimination
  • Anger
  • Lack
  • Tears
  • Loss
  • Sadness, Discouragement, Depression

In fact all the things that make life hard here, are not THERE.  We all were born with eternity in our hearts. Therefore when difficult times come we are disparaged and saddened.  It's not as it should be at least compared to what is in our hearts. 

 God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end.  Ecclesiastes 3:11

What makes it doubly hard is sometimes we have had halcyon times where heaven and earth came together for a moment.  May have been in worship, prayer, fellowship or some time when you so sensed the presence of God that you could do no other.

Heaven touched earth.  You have never been the same. What is even more painful are those who have actually had a glimpse, a Revelation of heaven and yet are stuck here.  I met one such the other day.  God apparently does give some people a glimpse of heaven’s glory. The Apostle Paul told of being “caught up to paradise”, where he experienced “inexpressible things” (2 Corinthians 12:4).

So this morning as I began to start the day, I was reminded that this isn't normal, I shouldn't be here in this situation in this circumstance. This abnormal existence is temporary and normal is eternal. 

Don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.
2 Corinthians 4:18

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inside Out will turn the WORLD Upside Down

I heard this morning that the only change possible is from the inside out.  There was such a song,  Hillsong. 

Yet, there is a truth in it that is deeper and wider than most of us are willing to admit.  On a personal level change has to start with the innermost being.  The heart.  Unless there is a heart change nothing else can change. 

Then there is the "out of your innermost being" part of us.. the part that must be filled to flow.  From the inside out.

Eventually that becomes a change of mind.  Without a change of heart no change of mind can occur.

To this point I can hear you say, so what, "everybody knows that". (Geico commercial)

To change a city you have to change people who make up the city. You don't do that by telling them what's wrong with them or the city, but by infiltrating for change from the inside out.  If people are not challenged, encouraged, confronted, instructed, directed, towards a better life, they won't go.  That means less telling and more showing.  It requires personal involvement.  That's the hard part.

To change a State, you have to have cities that demonstrate how the personal heart changes, that lead to mind changes that lead to city changes have manifested.  It starts inside and grows out.

That's why a large demonstration against cruelty, aberration, illegality never works.  If the enemy has so captured the hearts and minds of those who are bent on doing what they do, no amount of protest ever changes anything. It begins at the heart.

One must take back the reigns from the deceived.  This must be done from the inside out.  This is infiltration. They cannot be allowed to form the agenda.  This is not about politics, this is about cultural decline and degradation.  The devil learned long ago how to creep into peoples hearts for evil and make the reset of the mind to allow people to think it is OK to act and think like that.  Look around you, you see it all around.

The pattern the Lord is calling for to reach the world is infiltration, not confrontation.  Even Islam, as evil as it is, can only be reversed by infiltration.  Sure war kills off the radical..but leaves the rest in sin and abandon.

It was said of the brothers in Acts 17:3  -- "And when they could not find them, they dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also"

How did they earn that accusation?  It wasn't by protest, it wasn't by anything other than infiltrating the hearts and minds of lost souls.

What the Lord is asking ME today is, "Do you have what it takes to turn the world upside down?"
"Do you love enough to let me change their hearts thru your infiltration of their lives?"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Revelation is God's will, but the timing is in His HANDS

I sometimes am frustrated by the fact that I am not hearing.  I think it must be me. Then I think of the men walking to Emmaus.  Jesus could have said right away... hey, it's ME!  But he developed Revelation till they got it.

He does the same with me..

Sometimes I walk with Him, hear his voice, know it's him, but other than His fellowship I don't get a revelation.

I have learned to wait.  Without impatience.  It's not my fault. It's not anyone's fault that sometimes it's just quiet. I know He is constantly speaking.. and if my ears were open, if my eyes were clear I would hear better and more.

There are reasons, busy, stress, difficulty, pain, fatigue. 

Then BAM  he come with glorious truth and Revelation.  Seems like it's his plan to play a bit of hide and seek with me.  I don't mind.  When the truth comes it will seem so sweet, so refreshing, like a cold drink of water on a hot day.

Evenso.. come Lord Jesus.. I need to hear your voice.  It's so sweet to my ears.  Hungry I am.